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Best Hair Straightening Brushes for 2017

pink hair straightening brush and woman

This list of the best hair straightening brushes is devoted to my long searches. The electric brush straightener appeared on the market not so long ago. But the demand for them grows actively. The revolutionary nature of this device is speed and safety. Some of them are recognized as straighteners for thick hair. Also, the average price is lower than prices on similar flat iron stylers.

Best-Selling Hair Brush Straighteners


BearMoo straightening brush mini picture
  • Perfect rectangular shape
  • Ceramic surface
  • Heats within 30 seconds!
  • Auto shut-off
  • Dual-voltage (110-220V)
  • Double anion spray

Asavea 3.0 hair straightening brush
  • Rectangular shape of head
  • Fast heating (only 1 minute)
  • Swivel cord
  • Auto shut-off

Uspicy hair straightening brush
  • The most powerful model (60W)
  • Scald protection
  • Swivel cord and hanging hook
  • Auto shut-off and auto lock
  • Dual-voltage (110-220V)
  • Glove, cleaning brush, case

Cheap Alternatives to Expensive Brushes

Sometimes two different models are equipped with the same features and made of identical materials, only differing in price because of a brand name. This example of cheap alternatives of popular straightening brushes that can be useful for you.

You can save money by purchasing an appliance without a well-known, trendy brand name while still providing the same quality to the alternative.








DAFNI Original

Le Angelique


A Ceramic Straightening Brush Comparison

So now that you’ve come to the conclusion that a hair straightening brush is going to make your life easier. The next step is to decide which brush is ideal for you.

There are so many different electric hair straightening brushes available today. From the exterior, they tend to look very similar to eachother, but this is not the case as each and every tool withholds slightly different features to the next. So, it’s important to evaluate your personal needs.

The decision it comes down to these main factors: your hair type and your budget. If you’re stuck deciding between two different brushes, the deal breaker will come down to your own personal preferences from anything from the color to the brand. You can get a brilliant brush for a very affordable price from as little as $20.

Decide which features are necessary for your ideal straightening brush to have and be aware that not all tools with a more expensive contain more features, so keep an open mind.

Your hair type is an essential aspect to take into account as the temperature will have an effect on the final result and also how quickly the hairstyle will be achieved.

Thick hair requires higher temperatures (120°-200°C) in order to get the best result and thin hair can be easily maintained and styled from low temperatures (100°-180°C).

Upon choosing a device LCD is an option to consider when taking into account your hair type as this allows you to accurately and easily identify which temperate your hair straightening brush is set on.

Model Max Temperature Heating Time LCD Tips Review link
Uspicy straightening brush
450°F (230°C) 2-3 min LCDYes Built-in tips Review
Straight and Shine straightening brush
Straight’n Shine
450°F (230°C) 90 sec LCDYes Built-in tips Review
Luma straightening brush
365°F (185°C) 60 sec No LCD Built-in tips Review
Simply straight brush
Simply Straight
450°F (230°C) 2-3 min LCDYes Built-in tips Review
Femjolie straightening brush
450°F (230°C) 2-3 min LCDYes May fall off Review
Apalus straightening brush
450°F (230°C) 3-5 min LCDYes May fall off Review
art naturals straightening brush
Art Naturals
450°F (230°C) 2-3 min LCDYes Do not fall off Review
oak leaf straightening brush
Oak Leaf
450°F (230°C) 5 min LCDYes Do not fall off Review
asavea straightening brush
390 °F (200°C) 1-2 min No LCD Built-in tips Review
Jose Eber brush straightener
Jose Eber
450°F (230°C) 5 min LCDYes May fall off Review
Small image of Dafni straightening brush
365°F (185°C) 60 sec No LCD Built-in tips Review
Philips brush mini picture
Works as a blow dryer 0 sec No LCD Built-in tips Review
Magnifeko straightener
450°F (230°C) 90 sec LCDYes Built-in tips Review
Chic republic straightening brush
Chic Republic
450°F (230°C) 60 sec LCDYes Built-in tips Review
Bearmoo straightening brush
450°F (230°C) 30 sec LCDYes Built-in tips Review
Kealive straightening brush
450°F (230°C) 90 sec LCDYes May fall off Review
Instyler brush straightener
450°F (230°C) 30 sec LCDYes Built-in tips Review
isa brush mini picture
450°F (230°C) 30 sec LCDYes Built-in tips Review

more models in buying guide

Extra features that should be taken into account are certain factors such as how long the brush takes to heat up. It can be 30 sec. or 5 minutes. If you always have plenty of time to get ready and are rarely in a rush, then this won’t be important for you. You will need a brush with minimal heating time. As you will see from the comparison chart below that the heating time of a tool can range hugely from being ready to use immediately once it has been switched on or can take 5 minutes to heat up. Tips of the brush are either built in or attached. Built-in tips ensure that they will never fall off no matter what. Also, take into account the means of protection. Anti-scald to save your scalp and ears from burn along with an automatic shut-off feature providing peace of mind when you are unsure about whether you remembered to turn your appliance off or not.

These are the major factors to bear in mind when comparing different tools. The rest comes down to your personal preference, as mentioned before; simple choices such as the colors available and the brand names.

The site contains detailed reviews and videos on hair straightening brush with an analysis on technical and usability features. All the surveys were compiled by real people after they used the device for a period of time.

I hope this information will be useful for you. Here is a list of the best hair straighteners on the market 2017.

How an Electric Brush Straightens Curly Hair

I would love to share with you how simple it is to use a hair straightening brush. Once you have received your new handy appliance, your mornings are going to be much more stress-free. Let’s face it, when you have to spend an hour or more preparing yourself for the day it’s not fun, it tends to become a chore; sure, it’s an enjoyable process when you’re having a girly night with friends, doing each other’s make-up preparing to go out dancing. But, I mean wouldn’t everyone rather halve the amount of time it takes to eliminate bed hair every morning of the week in order to get an extra hour or even 30 minutes beauty sleep?! – Or perhaps extra time doing anything else in general; having an enjoyable breakfast with your family, reading a book or magazine, doing a morning yoga flow, spending time with your cat…or whatever floats your boat!

Life’s too short to spend excessive amounts of time managing our hair 🙂

So let’s make the most of the hair straightening brush as it was created to provide more time to busy people while protecting our hair in the process. I will explain briefly how to use a straight brush.

  1. First of all, apply a heat protectant of some kind. You probably already know that straightening brushes are less damaging that flat irons as they don’t clamp your strands together, but it is still an application of heat so it’s still important to apply these protection thermal hair protection
  2. Once your brush is switched on and heated to the relevant temperature for your hair type.
  3. All you need to do is glide the brush through your hair in a continuous gradual motion.
  4. If your hair is really thick, then sectioning may be necessary but otherwise just brush until you have a naturally straight look.

That’s really all there is to it. I hope you enjoy your brush.

How I Found my Straightening Brush

Here is my story. I have had quite long curly hair and all my life I have been straightening it. First, I used to do it with a blow dryer and a simple comb; just like many other girls. Soon, my hair became dull and began to split because the blow dryer made it too dry. You are probably wondering if I tried one of this thermal protection sprays. Indeed, I used various sprays, but they never gave the results that their respective manufacturers promised. Meanwhile, my hair was still splitting and still looked dull. Besides, all of those products cost a lot of money.

Once, a friend told me about flat irons. When I first tried one, I liked the result: my hair seemed straighter than after a blow drying. Moreover, it appeared to not be too dry, and it tended to split less. But, there was a new problem – styling process took about an hour. Every morning I had to get up at dawn, wasting too much time in front of the mirror. I tried to style my rebellious mane before going to work. It was awful.

And one evening, I saw on TV… a brush that straightens hair. I was aware of flat irons before I purchased one, but this was something new and unusual for me.

However, I became interested in the very idea of it. I shared my thoughts with friends. After much discussion, we came to the realization that we could not choose the best one and ended up ordering different electric hair brushes. Later, while we were discussing our new purchases, an idea popped into my head – we must share our experiences with other customers. We made a list of the best brushes. Each of us wrote a hair straightening brush review telling of the specific features of the respective brands.

Popular Questions

Here are the most popular questions. You can read a short answer or continue your research by clicking on the appropriate link. Also, feel free to ask any questions in the Q&A section.

What is a hair straightening brush?

Actually, brush that straightens hair has the form of a brush. More precisely, it is a combination of a flat iron and a scalp massager. It straightens and styles the hair while you simply brush it. Almost all tools have and ionization function. Negatively charged ions emerge when a heating element heats up. These ions provide a beneficial effect to hair and improve its look.

What features should I take into account when choosing?

At first glance, all of these models appear to be quite similar and you can assume there is no need to examine each of them in detail. This is a misguided judgment. They have various head shapes (rectangular, oval), speeds, maximum temperatures, etc. Read our hair brush straightener buying guide, if you look for a full description of features and comparison tables.

How to use an electric hair brush?

Plug the straightener in, and select the appropriate temperature. Separate hair into locks and comb them thoroughly. Then, do the same using the tool. The end result is that you will get smooth, perfectly straight locks as well as an excellent mood for a whole day. I think it will be useful for you to read a detailed instruction on how to straighten your hair without damaging it using an electric brush.

Are high temperatures harmful?

As I mentioned previously, I have learned from my experience that high temperatures during hairstyling made my hair dull and caused split ends. So, be very careful when choosing the temperature.


Also, consider your hair type. If you still do not know what yours is, then read how to figure out your hair type in this article.

Why is a brush straightener better than a flat iron?

First and foremost, this is the time expenditure: I spend 40-50 minutes for styling with a flat iron, and only 15 minutes with a brush. 15 minutes vs. 50 minutes? The choice is obvious! Another important advantage is that when you style with a brush, you do not press it tightly by hot plates, so the negative impact of high temperatures is minimal. Read a more detailed comparison of straightening comb vs flat iron.

How much does it cost?

The prices range from $18 to $150 depending on the set of functions and the materials that they are made of. If this is going to be your first one, you can start with a good but cheap hair straightener. Keep in mind that cheap does not always mean bad. If you are a more advanced user, then you will likely want to upgrade to a professional straightening brush. Which, of course, is more expensive but has more functions.

Can I use ceramic brush straightener for kids?

Of course, you can! In this case, pay attention to models that feature an anti-scald design. The surface of the brush must not become hot during styling. Also, there should be protective bristles at the edge of a head. We have created a category with safe hair straighteners for kids.

This straightener is awesome! My hair is really curly and unruly and this brush straighten my whole head in about ten minutes. I can even use it every day if I want to without all the hassle of the blow dryer or the flat iron. I just brush my locks and it’s done! And it becomes silky soft too. It’s a game changer! What are you waiting for? My advice: go get it! About Luma, Nina

My hair is thick, frizzy, slightly wavy, and this works fantastic on it.
I usually don’t wear my hair down because I hate blow druing. But I go to the gym 4 times a week, so I have to wash it often, or use dry shampoos… I ran electric brush through my hair and it was straight in 10 minutes. It also keeps the volume I had at the roots from sleeping with wet hair. This is my new favorite hair tool. I think we are going to be great friends! About FemJolie, Ann

6 comment(s)

    1. My hair is done within 15 minutes. I used to blow dry which took me 20-30 minutes and then go over with a flat iron to eliminate the frizz. I could never get a naturally straight look with a flat iron; my hair always looked heat processed and stiff. But with this, my hair is smooth with good movement.

    1. For me, it lasts throughout the day. I am however not in a climate to answer your question although I would assume that it’s necessary to apply a specific hair product which will stop that annoying frizz in the humidity. I hope this helps.

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